Complete Guide

The how-to guide to medical tourism from start to finish.

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How it works?

Just 4 simple steps to a perfect health tour.

Step 1

Search for the procedure and medical treatment facility.

  • Select from a list of travel destinations that best fits your situation.
  • Consider the price, medical facilities, and specialist.
Medical Tourism Guide Step One

Step 2

Get in touch with the hospital or clinic.

  • Share your past medical/surgical history.
  • Share the details of your medical condition.
  • Ask questions and get your queries answered.
  • Set an appointment.
Medical Tourism Guide Step Two

Step 3

Ready to take the tour to your medical destination.

  • Choose the best accommodation.
  • Book your flight.
  • Relax and explore the city.
Medical Tourism Guide Step Three

Step 4

Hospitalization and treatment.

  • Focus on getting better.
  • Follow the treatment plan.
  • Take advantage of the specialized medical facilities.
Medical Tourism Guide Step Five

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